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In early December 2021, founder and CEO Vishal Garg hosted a virtual online meeting with 900 employees of the residential mortgage origination firm -- and promptly fired them all.

Watch the video and read Garg's apology appended below. Then take a look at some of the news coverage posted between December 1 - 10, 2021.

Post your insights below on each of the three prompts highlighted in red, and come to class prepared to discuss:

  • Functional: After the video leaked, the company released an internal email. From those two sources, what were some of the storylines in the company's narrative?

  • Tactical: How did the company's narratives play in the press? Read a story posted between December 1-2, then look at a story or two from December 2-10.

  • Pick one of the stories you read. What was the news narrative? What was the company's contribution?

  • Strategic: Bonus points. Why do you believe laid off the employees? Hint, follow the money.

OK, hit play and dive in.

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